What can girls learn from playing team sports?

What can girls learn from playing team sports?

The physical and mental benefits of getting girls and women into sport and keeping them playing are widely recognised, but what can being part of a team teach girls?

Life skills.

Skills that they will carry with them through their personal and professional lives.

As part of a team girls will learn key life skills including communication, leadership, and responsibility. The constant communication playing as part of a team means girls will learn how to effectively communicate with others. This in turn will help them develop leadership skills as they use their communication skills to lead and make decisions that benefit the team. Leadership skills will inevitably promote responsibility. Even where girls don't lead being part of team teaches girls how their actions impact others, making them more responsible and accountable.

Other life skills that girls will gain from playing team sports include time management skills by virtue of having to balance school, practice, games and other commitments. They will learn how to prioritise and manage their time. They will learn perseverance as teams inevitably face challenges and struggles. As part of a team girls will learn to persevere and keep pushing themselves, whilst supporting each other. Finally, girls will learn about goal setting, how to set goals and work towards achieving them, both individually and as part of a team.

What other life skills can girls learn from being part of a team?


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