About Us


Do you remember when it was an insult to you say “you run, kick, hit, throw like a girl”?

Times have changed and with it so have opportunities for HER.  Today our nations continuing successes in HER team sports means it’s a compliment to hear  “you, run, kick, hit and throw like a girl!”  and KITQUEEN is finally here to support this breakthrough for women and girls.

Our Mission:

“To champion inclusivity, diversity and body confidence in HER team sports.”

KITQUEEN has been founded by Parisha, one half of the husband and wife team and owners of KITKING, the UK’s No. 1 MULTISPORT TEAMWEAR SPECIALIST. When Dips & Parisha acquired KITKING in December 2019, KitQueen was envisioned right from the start as Parisha, a keen grassroots netballer, immediately recognised that all major teamwear retailers including KITKING focused primarily on him. Brexit and one pandemic later KITQUEEN has finally been realised; the first multisport teamwear retailer that talks exclusively to HER!

Why KITQUEEN for Her team kit?

Women shop differently, she has different needs and considerations to him whether it be Her body, how to style Her hair or Her cultural identity.  Through Her life she will grow from being a girl, to a young lady, to a woman who might become a mother, who may experience challenges through perimenopause and menopause, and thereafter. Through Her lifetime Her body will change and evolve and at each stage she will need the right support to keep her engaged and playing teamsports. Her kit should work for Her.

There is no better placed teamwear retailer to support Her. Being part of the KITKING family means the 30 years of experience gained in teamwear and the long standing partnerships we have with global brands including NIKE, PUMA, JOMA, ADIDAS, SURRIDGE, CANTERBURY and GILBERT make us leaders when it comes to; knowledge and experience of teamwear, and access to the right products for HER.

We have everything HER club needs to be winners on the pitch and court, for match day and training, and off-pitch and court with a wide selection of leisure teamwear.

Need help with your teamwear order?

To buy, chat customisation or quote for your club get in touch with our sales team on 0116 262 7332 or email sales@kitqueen.co.uk

As part of the KITKING family we are proud to offer the “WE WON’T BE BEATEN ON PRICE” promise. T&C's apply.

The KitQueen Team x