How team sports can have a positive impact on body confidence for teenage girls

How team sports can have a positive impact on body confidence for teenage girls

Did you know that 1.3 million girls disengage from sport in their teenage years? [Source:  Women In Sport 2022, Tackling Teenage Disengagement].

Knowing the benefits of sport and exercise for health especially as women get older it is important to keep teenage girls engaged in sport to create positive lifetime habits. Getting girls involved in teams sports can have a positive impact on body confidence during their teenage years, here's how: 

1. Physical well-being: Regular exercise associated with team sports helps teenagers maintain a healthy weight, improve overall fitness, and develop strength and physical abilities. This physical well-being can enhance body confidence by making girls feel good about their body's capabilities.

2. Increased body awareness: Team sports often require body coordination and control, leading girls to become more aware of how their bodies move and function. This increased body awareness can help girls appreciate their bodies and feel more comfortable in their skin.

3. Peer support and camaraderie: Team sports provide an opportunity for girls to connect with teammates who share similar goals and interests. The supportive and social aspect of team sports creates a sense of belonging and acceptance, which can positively influence body confidence.

4. Developing skills and accomplishments: As girls improve their skills and achieve personal or team goals in team sports, they gain a sense of accomplishment and self-efficacy. This recognition of their abilities can boost their confidence and positively impact their body image.

5. Focus on performance rather than appearance: Team sports often prioritize skill, teamwork, and performance over appearance. This shift in focus can help girls embrace their bodies for what they can achieve rather than how they look, leading to a more positive body image.