Sky Sports: Sexualised and ill-fitting: Is women's sports kit fit for purpose?

"It was arguably 2 two years ago that the conversation around women’s sport kit not being designed with female athletes in mind hit the public consciousness."

In a hard-hitting article published on leading sportswomen past and present explain how their careers have been affected by the kit they have been forced to wear.

Jessica Ennis-Hill highlights insecurities around the athletics crop vest and bikini combination kit:

“I remember one occasion and I came on my period during the heptathlon and I had the 800m to go. All I could think about the whole way through was 'I hope it's not happened and people can see that I've started my period'.

“I remember crossing the line and I'd won the competition but I didn't even celebrate. I couldn't enjoy it because I just rushed straight off the track to go and sort myself out[.]"

In the women's rugby world cup winner Rocky Clark talks about how the all white rugby kit takes players off their game and how she used to try and hide "accidents" buy jumping in a muddy puddle to cover up the shorts.

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