SBJ: Why 2023 should NOT be the year of women’s sports

Women’s sports still lag behind men’s across all fronts — broadcast time, athlete wages, team resources, management representation and more. So, despite the sport and media industry’s best intentions when they declare 2023 the “year of the woman” — the battle for an equitable playing field is not over.

So why should 2023 not be the year of the woman, you may ask? Women don’t need a year or a month or a day. They need day-in/day-out support, coverage, and allies not just around big tentpole events, but throughout the entire year. That type of dedication -- when paired with the passion and motivation that women already bring to the playing field -- is the only way that we will see real change. Until the industry and fans view women’s sports with the same reverence as men’s, women in sports won’t achieve the same consistent, year-round support that men’s sports receive. By simply singling out a special year or designated month for women, we are furthering the notion that women’s sports aren’t permanent, they are momentary. 

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